A note on Expectations

Let me tell you a little story about expectations:

A few years ago, I did a course on expectations and letting go (and read a little wonderfully written e-book. It is titled “The one skill” and written by Leo Babauta. I cannot recommend it enough. And since he offers it as a free e-book on his website, be sure to check it out, in case that topic piques your interest: https://zenhabits.net/lg/).

So while working on these topics, I wrote a little note as a reminder, to post it to a wall in my room. I put a lot of effort into forming the letters into a clean looking font. I wanted to write “expectations”, but only made it to “expect”. I hung it on the wall, good to see from every angle of the room. Great, I would now be reminded daily!

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No New Year’s Resolutions – Not really

New Year’s resolutions – I’ll admit, I have been thinking about them. This old pattern, that I come back to, every now and then, has a pretty exact idea of all the shoulds. Should eat healthier, work-out harder, work even harder…and on and on the list goes. Thankfully over the last 10 years, I managed to get this old part of me some help, some other voices to outweigh this peak-performance-junkie.

One of them is definitely the gentle inner voice I have been mentioning before and will definitely write more about in the future. Another one is a voice of balance and harmony. This voice knows, through past experience but also on an intuitive level, that a big to-do list and high expectations are not going to work out for me. I am going to be frustrated, going to get sick a lot, out of touch with myself, if I choose that road again. So no, not this time. No New Year’s resolutions.

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