Dare to look into the Mirror!

I find it fascinating, that in many ways, it seems, that there is a mirror line encompassing us. What I mean by that is, that what you have inside is projected onto the world outside. Or at least on how you see the world outside. In many ways of our existence, the inside and outside world seem to over and over generate similarity and synchronicity. And that is such an intriguing observation!

For example: When I expect a lot from myself, I tend to expect a lot from others, too. In that kind of mindset, I am never good enough, neither are others. So I would be probably very critical of everyone around me. And suddenly the world seems filled with “idiots” and incompetent people. I could get annoyed all the time and things would seem to be just so, so far from “ideal”.

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A note on Expectations

Let me tell you a little story about expectations:

A few years ago, I did a course on expectations and letting go (and read a little wonderfully written e-book. It is titled “The one skill” and written by Leo Babauta. I cannot recommend it enough. And since he offers it as a free e-book on his website, be sure to check it out, in case that topic piques your interest: https://zenhabits.net/lg/).

So while working on these topics, I wrote a little note as a reminder, to post it to a wall in my room. I put a lot of effort into forming the letters into a clean looking font. I wanted to write “expectations”, but only made it to “expect”. I hung it on the wall, good to see from every angle of the room. Great, I would now be reminded daily!

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No New Year’s Resolutions – Not really

New Year’s resolutions – I’ll admit, I have been thinking about them. This old pattern, that I come back to, every now and then, has a pretty exact idea of all the shoulds. Should eat healthier, work-out harder, work even harder…and on and on the list goes. Thankfully over the last 10 years, I managed to get this old part of me some help, some other voices to outweigh this peak-performance-junkie.

One of them is definitely the gentle inner voice I have been mentioning before and will definitely write more about in the future. Another one is a voice of balance and harmony. This voice knows, through past experience but also on an intuitive level, that a big to-do list and high expectations are not going to work out for me. I am going to be frustrated, going to get sick a lot, out of touch with myself, if I choose that road again. So no, not this time. No New Year’s resolutions.

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