Dare to look into the Mirror!

I find it fascinating, that in many ways, it seems, that there is a mirror line encompassing us. What I mean by that is, that what you have inside is projected onto the world outside. Or at least on how you see the world outside. In many ways of our existence, the inside and outside world seem to over and over generate similarity and synchronicity. And that is such an intriguing observation!

For example: When I expect a lot from myself, I tend to expect a lot from others, too. In that kind of mindset, I am never good enough, neither are others. So I would be probably very critical of everyone around me. And suddenly the world seems filled with “idiots” and incompetent people. I could get annoyed all the time and things would seem to be just so, so far from “ideal”.

If I would not be able to see the high expectations I have towards myself, I could use this mechanism of “outside-as-inside” to reflect upon myself in the world.

It’s like having to look at yourself in the mirror to examine a wound on your face. You’re unable to look at it directly. The mirror-effect makes it possible to get a hint about what is going on, in case your subconscious is trying to hide these painful parts of you in the darkest corner possible.

Tangentially you can look quite clearly at what is causing you a lot of suffering and can start working on releasing it. You can begin to observe your thoughts towards situations or different people and be very present with what they trigger in you. Watch out for everything that annoys or frightens you etc. 

This kind of insight is going to move you closer and closer towards your initial wound and hurting, your false belief. In this example something along the lines of: “I have to be perfect!” & “I am never good enough!”

So projecting your untreated wounds onto the world is only destructive, if you leave it at that. But if you start using this mirror and dare to look inside, you will enable yourself to release pain after pain and take care of old trauma deeply and wholly.

Just dare to look into the mirror!

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