I am Lilly. I have been around for 30-and-a-few years. About 10 Years ago, when I felt I could not run anymore from childhood traumas and the conditioning, that had made my life a challenge at best and a good reason for depression at worst, I found myself looking inwards. I started a therapy and after that, the motivation for introspection never stopped.

It just seemed so easy suddenly. Instead of wanting to change everything around me or regularly be miserable, I just had to go through all that was pain and discomfort inside of me. I am not through with that. I don’t think most people are. But there is more space for me now. More room to grow into. And I love my life and can appreciate the beauty of it all more each year.

Out of the love that I have come to know through this process, I want to encourage other people to look inside as well, maybe for the first time. Or to go deeper. To figure out life with yourself. Because you can’t run from yourself. You probably already noticed…And you don’t have to run! Once you start investigating the “monsters under the bed” you’ll find, that it’s all not that scary, really! And the beauty you’ll find is worth it all.

I am still on that path and I can be a companion to you, while we figure out this crazy state of being: existing as a human on this planet.

My blog is an outlet for all the things I have already learned and the things I am currently struggling with or thinking about. The limitation of language for these kinds of topics is sometimes quite a challenge for what I am here to do. But bear with me, we will find a way to understand each other.

The topics I focus on are basically everything, that makes you more conscious, helps with healing, strives towards health and real deep-rooted joy and love.

I hope you can find something that helps you on your very own journey into this mysterious and miraculous place of self. If you have any questions or want some support in your undertakings, you can write me at lilly[@t]lifewithmyself.com or send me a message on Instagram @life.with.myself

Check out this page for more information on working personally with me: http://lifewithmyself.com/talk-to-me

I wish you all the best, an open mind and heart.

Lilly ❤️