Plans are here to serve us

So I committed to writing one blog post each day in January. Until I didn’t. And here is what I’ve learned from this short-lived plan:

First of all, you have to understand what you want and make a plan according to it. But a plan is more of a “hit-or-miss” kind of thing. Sure, some plans are more solid than others. But we end up forgetting, that a plan is only as good as the things we were able to account for. As soon as circumstances change, plans often fail to be accurate to our life experience. My plan included to get started on this blog and to write as much as I can so that I would get over some of my fears. Just doing things has sometimes really worked well for me. No time to overthink things or second guess myself.

So I thought, right, just put stuff out there, every day. I ended up actually enjoying the writing and the thought process behind it. I didn’t feel frightened about the whole thing at all. It all just seemed to fit: The format, the topics… and the words were just flowing out of me.

Instead of battling my fear of perfectionism and high expectations, I had to realize that I was actually having fun and loved blogging in the right context. So former plan, bye bye…

On top of that, I really felt like some blog posts could have been longer and maybe if written over multiple days, would have gotten a different and clearer structure. Insight: I don’t have to go from one extreme to another, from over-corrective-perfectionist to laissez-faire-deadbeat. I can find a middle way. Which by the way just always seems healthier. I don’t know how many times in my life I had to discover, that the middle is the way that actually leads to a place I want to go to. 

So as the days progressed, I first thought: “Oh no, I am not honoring my commitment!” (Like so many times in the past!) – But then I relaxed about it and had to think: “I don’t have to serve the plan. The plan is supposed to serve me!” And if it doesn’t do that anymore – Off it goes! A new plan simply has to be set up…

In the light of these changes, I want to encourage you, to change your plans according to your needs. It’s good to stay on track with your goals. And often it can be helpful to persist in something, even if it gets boring or annoying sometimes. Pushing through can help get us to the next level mastery in a skill. (Nearly wrote “next level nastery”, whatever that would look like 🙂 ) – But there are moments when the plans you have made are probably not going to help you achieve your goals and just feel like the wrong thing to do. I guess your gut is the first one to notice, that you have gotten off-track. Listen to that belly of wisdom!

Currently, my plan is to write when I actually have a thought or feeling I want to communicate. When I have something to say. But at the same time, I want to try to write a few posts in a week, if possible. That’s what feels right at the moment. But who knows, what will happen next…

Are you changing plans when needed? How do you plan things out in the first place? Is there space to find what works and feels best for you?

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