No New Year’s Resolutions – Not really

New Year’s resolutions – I’ll admit, I have been thinking about them. This old pattern, that I come back to, every now and then, has a pretty exact idea of all the shoulds. Should eat healthier, work-out harder, work even harder…and on and on the list goes. Thankfully over the last 10 years, I managed to get this old part of me some help, some other voices to outweigh this peak-performance-junkie.

One of them is definitely the gentle inner voice I have been mentioning before and will definitely write more about in the future. Another one is a voice of balance and harmony. This voice knows, through past experience but also on an intuitive level, that a big to-do list and high expectations are not going to work out for me. I am going to be frustrated, going to get sick a lot, out of touch with myself, if I choose that road again. So no, not this time. No New Year’s resolutions.

What I like doing though is, realizing what I want to focus on this year. What topics are interesting and important to me? What is blocking me in some ways and can maybe be released?

Here is my wish list curriculum:

  • I want to play more.
  • I want to work on my expectations towards me and others. (This topic has been #1 for a while now!)
  • I want to work towards more health, listening to my body and my intuition.
  • I want to develop a way to deal with consuming too many series, unhealthy foods or shopping unnecessary things when I’m feeling unwell. (In parts, as this is an on-going focus, that I don’t assume to be over with this year)

Apart from my wishes, what I want to see changed within the year, I do know, that life has it’s very own curriculum ready for me. If I think back to January 2017, neither could I have predicted any of the major life-changing things, that happened in 2017. Not even close. Nor would I have chosen to get these lessons right then and there.

So as the years go by with a lot more surprises, than I could ever plan for, I am starting to let go of any kind of rigid planning.

As an old Yiddish proverb goes: Man plans and God laughs. Looking at my list and what I have learned from the past few years, I have to smile and think: Let’s see what actually happens!

This doesn’t mean that I have no power, that I can’t choose, engage and act freely and believe everything is pre-planned. But there is a difference in what I want or maybe think I need and what I actually need. Surprisingly enough, although I might have complained many times and will do so many times in the future, whenever life has thrown me into a really challenging situation, I couldn’t help but realize afterwards, that it was exactly what I had needed. I think some things we would never dare to take on, although we might urgently need them. And so life just provides us with opportunities to dive into the challenge anyways, to come out the other end more wholesome and conscious.

Being open-hearted and open-minded about that is hard enough. Trying to let go of expectations what this year should look like, is like a meta-resolution. Layers, my friends! This is exciting. Well, and working on expectations is on my wishlist anyways 🙂

So no overachievements planned this year. Just a little cheat sheet about what I want to concentrate on. And most importantly: I’ll try my best to stay open towards every wave frothing my way. After all, life is best, when you manage to let go and just surf this beautiful ocean, right?

What are your thoughts on New Year’s resolutions? What do you want to focus on, work on, see a little shift in?

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