No Energy. No Problem.

Today is one of these days, where my energy is so low, that even a trip to the kitchen to fill up on tea, seems like a lot. I try my best to give my body what it needs, to restore itself. Enough hydration, good food and a lot of rest, if possible. And definitely a relaxed mindset. No Problem.

It used to be different though. I had long periods of fatigue, that sometimes even ended up in me having a cold. Or just not being able to get out of bed for multiple days. These heavy exhaustive states were accompanied by anger and frustration at myself and my body. It seemed like a failure.

I hadn’t managed to keep up my work load. So my mind was racing back and forth, accounting for the time I needed at least to get back on my feet again and how much more work had to be done afterwards to catch up. Needless to say, there was quite some stress and fearful thinking involved in that kind of mental reaction to my need of rest. Not really the best time to be with yourself!

Nowadays I see my body and mind needing rest and I will do everything in my power to give myself this time. I don’t worry too much, what happens if I don’t manage anything I wanted to do today. Instead I care for myself in a loving way and try to focus on the things I know help me regain my energy. What a difference this way of lovingly and peacefully handling the same situation does, right?

So I am keeping it short today. Sipping tea and writing is a really wonderful way to spend my time for the most part but still uses up energy. At the same time I didn’t want to miss out on writing, because I challenged myself to 1 blog post a day in January.

In honoring my self-care promise, I’ll stay very close to what body and mind are telling me. A nap would be lovely, followed by some more tea and another healthy meal. Yeah, today is going to be chill…

How are you dealing with fatigue, exhaustion or just a day where everything seem a bit down for you?

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