Work in progress: A little library of exercises, practices, inspirations and ideas I want to share with you. Those are hopefully a motivation and a guidance to not forgetting about yourself and to practice being more present with as little as a few minutes a day.


Material to expand heart and mind:


Uh! I love this one! – “The One Skill” written by blogger Leo Babauta from on expectations and letting go.

The book is based on the premise, that all our problems stem from not being able to let go. But how does letting go actually look like? This little e-book explores a lot of typical ways in which we often don’t, but definitely can let go – all the while being practical every step of the way.

It’s a quick read while giving you new perspectives and questioning old ones. It can work wonders by redirecting our preconceived ideas of “it should be like this” towards a perception and acceptance of “what actually is”.

Here is what Leo Babauta says has happened since he practiced letting go: “I’ve reduced my stress, started procrastinating less, improved my relationships, increased my ability to deal with change, learned to change difficult habits, and become more present in my life.”

Get the free e-book here.